Monday, April 30, 2012

Centering Headlines

Here’s how they taught us to center a title in 10th grade typing. You count the number of characters, including spaces, in your title. The title of this piece, “Centering Headlines” has 18 characters. You go to the center of your carriage and hit the backspace half the number of the total count, in this case, 9 times. Then you start typing. In those days we used typewriters and those typewriters were courier, which meant each character took up the same amount of space. I remember there were two typefaces pica and elite. Maybe elite was narrower. Can’t remember exactly what the deal was with that. I’m sure I could stray from this entry to research all the particulars of typing on an old electric or even a manual typewriter, but I’m determined to stick with this, finish and post it before I leave the office for the day

And now that I've exhuasted my own familiarity with the topic and successfully bored myself into a stupor, I will sign off.

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