Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Reply

What I didn’t expect when I started to post here was the challenge it would be to talk about myself and keep the details sketchy enough not to reveal who I am. I have a deep concern about the digital trail I’m leaving behind. When I published a zine in the 90s, I didn’t think about posterity. The things I wrote weren’t personal. They were short humor pieces with a skewed point of view. But blogging is so personal. I can’t get away from the first person pronoun. When I write it I actually mean myself and not a persona I’m inventing to amuse or make a point.

Navel gazing makes me uncomfortable. I’ve turned into someone who would prefer to ignore his/her own navel and concentrate on yours. But what if there is no you in this equation? What if I’m out here in space all by my lonesome. I have to (know) or (decide for myself) whether these words are destined to travel through time in a vacuum, unnoticed or whether someone or many someones will read them.

If you are out there, please reply.

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