Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yesterday was the opening of the Metro Expo line from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City. As a fan of both public transportation and grand openings of new public transit lines, I was all over it. R and I walked up to 7th Street and skipped the street fair, which was mostly the same old booths. For me it was all about the ride.

The train starts underground at 7th and Metro and comes up in front of R's window. It's the same route as the Blue line for the first couple stops and then, as the Blue line heads east and south, the Expo line keeps going south until it gets to USC. From there it makes a right and goes west with stops at Vermont, Western and a few other locations that I'm not familiar with. One station was still under construction, so we skipped that one. The terminus, which is a few blocks from the Helms Bakery, is also still not yet complete.

We got off at La Cienega and R realized it was just up the street from the Target he shops at. We walked to Target and picked up a few odds and ends before getting back on the train and heading home.

We jumped off again at 23rd Street, right around the corner from Wing Stop. On the sidewalk we saw a dying pigeon, which made me sad.

A new light rail line opens. A bird dies.

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