Thursday, March 21, 2013


I’m an idiot. No, don’t argue with me. It’s true. I thought today was the first day of spring, but it was yesterday. YESTERDAY. Not today. Now my first entry of spring comes when the season is well underway. People are already sick of spring and can’t wait for it to be full-on, guns-blazing summer. They’re so over this spring they ache for next fall or the winter of 2017. Everything there is to say about the season of rebirth and renewal has already been said. I’m sorry. I got to the party late and then I made a big deal out of it. So not only did I not have the decency to play by the rules I had the audacity to flaunt my scofflawness, wave it in everyone’s face. Faces? Does everyone have one face or does everyone have faces? In theory I have a bachelor’s degree in English. In practice I am an only somewhat conversational in the language.

Here’s a picture of some blossoms I picked off a tree
 and here’s a picture of the tree I picked it from.
 Ugh. If spring had lips it could kiss my sweet patootie. (sp?)

In the comment section let me know if you think I was drunk or stoned when I wrote this. I’ll post the correct answer within a fortnight. If I don’t get any comments and believe me I’m not holding my breath, I won’t bother to let you know the answer. I’m here for you guys, but even a self-loathing sycophant has to draw the line somewhere. 

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