Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm like a mom blogger

except for the "mom" part. There are pretty white ladies out there, saying the nicest things about their children and husbands. They evangelize to their faithful followers about the benefits of kale and the simple joy of washing your face with a bar of Dove. They have sunny dispositions and chemical-free everything. In the mom blog world everyone has a golden retriever named Lucy. Everyone goes to the Virgin Islands at Easter. Everyone drives a safe car. I'm like that except not at all like that. I could sneer at it, but what would that say about me? I could buy into it, but what would that say about me?

Don't have a mission. Don't have a purpose. Don't have a goal. Kale's okay, I guess. The rest of that stuff? Uh, could take it or not take it. Depends on the direction of the wind and phase of the moon.

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