Monday, December 31, 2012

As one year passes into the next

This experiment continues to fly under the radar. Oh what an annoying expression that is, so militaristic. Let's just say we're not getting a lot of attention and we don't care. This is a laboratory in a public place with floor-to-ceiling windows. If no one passes by or if the occassional passerby looks in and moves on without becoming engaged, or if he becomes engaged but does not provide feedback or comment, that's okay. There is a tree falling here and it is making a noise and that noise will go on who knows how long.

There is silence in the lab right now, save the sound of fingers on keyboard and fan blowing warm air to keep the scientists warm. Body count: 1 human scientist, 1 aging feline assistant (of little to no assistance). Still, silence plus whirr, plus tap, tap, tapping is combining with the cacophony of millions of labs around the world, big and small. Hour by hour the clock is turning this year into next year. One-twenty-fourth at a time the world is entering 2013. We here on the edge of the most bountiful continent on Earth will make that subtle change in 12 and a half hours, then Alaska and Hawai'i. Hawai'i is the only state to have something other than letters of the alphabet it its name.

If I were Hawai'i, my password would be Hawai'i. But I ain't so it ain't. Next year, bitches!

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