Monday, November 26, 2012

A Squall

It was warm two days before Thanksgiving and warm the day before and warm on Thanksgiving day. A blessing. We were able to play outside without our jackets. The parade down Woodward was well-attended and looked so crisp and joyous on Mom's new 42" flat screen. It looked so good it inspired us to go downtown the next day to show some civic pride.

But the temperature dropped and the sky got gray and menacing. The throngs were gone. The promise of a vibrant urban experience went unfulfilled. We shopped in a pop-up store. We ate at a place where the service was slow. When we came out the wind had picked up and a light rain became a light pelting of tiny grains of hail. Wind-whipped we crossed Woodward to watch the ice skaters at Campus Martius.

The squall only lasted a couple minutes, but it was a rude reminder that the days of late autumn warmth we'd enjoyed on Wednesday and Thursday were a false promise. This is what Detroit will be like for the next four months.

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