Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What a Relief

Where the heck have I been? Away, yes, but that's not an excuse. Had my laptop with me and could have been more diligent about checking in. Did once, so that's better than nothing. Still...

Back in El A and even though it's gettin' mighty hot, it ain't anywhere near as hot (and humid) as it was back in the Mitten on Lake Mitten with my blood and by-marriage relatives. What a hoot that was. Lest anyone think a vacation is a time to relax, let me assure you that "together time" took its toll on me. I'm wiped out.

No rest for the wicked. Back in the thick of things. Yesterday, with the resignation of a subordinate I never quite clicked with, I became 130 lbs lighter. Ah, that's a relief. Now, I'm facing a stretch of demanding work with one man fewer. We'll manage.

This is summer in full swing. People are coming to visit. There will be some outdoor entertaining, some nutritious and delicious meals, some backyard recreation.

Scheduled a doctors appointment. There's nothing wrong, but I do need to get a shingles vaccine. A cousin-in-law was stricken and that was enough to motivate the rest of us, at least it was enough to motivate me.

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