Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Purple Diarrhea

Happy birthday, dear HermannnnamaH - if you like this, see more on Herr RorschachhcahcsroR here


Grandma was at our house once, a rare occassion given how underwelcome she was there by Mom, and we were in the living room visiting. Maybe I was ten or maybe I was fifteen. Can't recall. Doesn't matter. Grandma was talking to Dad about some woman she knew who talked a lot. "She has verbal diarrhea," G said. But I heard "purple diarrhea" and I started to laugh. G asked why I was laughing and I said purple diarrhea sounded funny. "Verbal diarrhea," she corrected me. G was a good one for correcting you. That's where Dad learned it and I got the trait from him.

People are wrong more often than they're right.

There's no such thing as purple diarrhea. Verbal diarrhea is pretty damn funny too though.

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  1. Why have you come here? What is the meaning of this visit?