Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stick to the Script

Is the l in Coca-Cola lonely? The C happens three times, two parent Cs and a baby c. The o shows up twice, cradled all roly-poly in the middle of each pyrrhic. The a twins bring up the rear. Only the upright l has no companion. It is the odd-consonant-out. Tauntingly, the weird wavy forelock that come off Cola's C passes right through poor l’s loop with little regard for his dignity and in so doing inadvertently betrays l’s three-dimensionality, weaving first under the left of his loop and then over the right.

Maybe l has tried to make friends with the hyphen or the registered trademark symbol, but let’s face it, the former is not a letter and for a punctuation mark it is rather stubby and unimpressive and the latter is a symbol that tells its own whole story of legal protection. Stalwart little registered trademark is the protector and defender of her neighbors to the left (her right), but she doesn’t get involved in their personal affairs.

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